July 1, 2009

Jungle Leopard Gecko Babies @ SuperiorMorphs.com

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I just had to post these two new leopard gecko babies. The sire is a Mack Snow Jungle het Tremper Albino and the dame is a Tremper Albino. (Pics below)

What I don’t know and I can’t find a clear answer to, is whether the jungle trait is polygenic or a recessive genetic trait. More on that below the pictures here, including my little case study.

Mack Snow Jungle het Tremper Albino

Mack Snow Jungle het Tremper Albino

I’m going to pair this Mack Snow Jungle het Albino leopard gecko girl with the sire and hopefully get some Super Mack Snow Jungle’s and Super Snow Tremper Albino Jungle (MSSTAJ). We would only have a 6% chance of hitting the MSSTA, but it would be really cool. We should have a 50% chance on the Super Snow Jungles though.

Tremper Albino Jungle Leopard Gecko

Tremper Albino Jungle Leopard Gecko

I didn’t mention this before, but both these girls also have a striped tail. I don’t want to shout about them much until I see if they grow out of the stripe. This girl is amazing. She is a Tremper Albino Jungle leopard gecko and she has some killer yellows to her. I can’t wait to see what she turns into.

I believe she will also be paired up with the sire to prove out the jungle stripe, striped tail and to make some killer MSJ, MSAJ, Albino jungles, and normal jungles. I would be suprised if any of the offspring are not jungle. If none of the offspring are normal pattern, then I will believe this jungle pattern to be recessive. (FYI – MSS=Mack Super Snow, MS= Mack Snow, J=Jungle, A=Albino).

Leopard Gecko Jungle Genetics

At this point I honestly don’t know whether the jungle trait in these leopard geckos is recessive or polygenic, but I believe it to be recessive and here’s why.

I have bred a this male Jungle Mack Snow het tremp to 4 different females and only one female has produced the jungle pattern. Out of the 4 eggs that hatched (from original 6) 3 were jungle. (2 dried/molded). The first two are pictured above and the other two are pictured below.

Dad MSJ het Tremp:

Mack Snow Het Tremper Albino (male)

Mack Snow Het Tremper Albino (male)

Here is the Dame Tremp Albino (breeder said poss Het RAPTOR maybe):

Tremper Albino (female) Het Jungle???

Tremper Albino (female) Het Jungle???

Here are the other two siblings

Tremper Albino Jungle

Tremper Albino Jungle

Normal Het Jungle???

Normal Het Jungle???

The odds we hit are exactly along the genetic percentages you should hit if the trait is recessive. Unfortunately it’s too small of a test group to know. Maybe I will hold on to the last normal looking one. If she is het jungle then she should produce 50% jungles and 50% het jungles that look normal. And 50% of those should be Mack Snow from dad.

If you have any other ideas about the jungle genetics or just want to make a comment, please leave one below.


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